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Waxing Poetic.

After spending Friday night at the movies (thank you, Mark Wahlberg and your Invincible self) and Saturday plotting out our next marketing moves with Exist over a delicious dinner at The Fat Cat Pie Company, Sunday was shaping up to look pretty boring.

"What do you want to do?"

"I don't know." 

Eyes light up as though someone hit a switch. 

"New York?" 

An hour later, we were on the train to NYC.  Our mission?  

Madame Toussuad's Wax Museum

Mork and Kerri.

Robin and I, reuniting after a long hiatus, discussed the possibility of bringing Six Until Me. to the stage.  I was unwilling to subject myself to red suspenders, so the deal never sealed.  Maybe next time.  He looks at me with such waxy affection. 

My main man, other than Chris.

Ah, our old pal Bono.  He's interested in writing a song about the plight of medical insurance in America.  I told him to consult the blogosphere for further insight.  Then we high-fived.  All wax.

My Girl Hil. 

I guess this sort of makes it official:  Hillary and Kerri in 2008. 

The Beatles.  And us.

After a few songs with the lads from Liverpool, Chris and I said our goodbyes and headed out to a little Italian cafe in Manhattan for pizza and a bottle of wine, as we waxed poetic about our afternoon adventures.

 ...Waxed poetic. I think the whole reason for this post was to utilize that pun.


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You didn't happen to see Jude there, did you? lol.

It's so cool that you can just decide to hop on a train to NYC. A nice Sunday "drive" :)

Hey!!! I've been to Madame Toussuad's in London, it's kinda creepy they look so real.

How did the pizza and wine go with your blood sugars? just lately I can't eat a single wholemeal pitta bread with out a nasty spike!!!! it seems i can't stop spiking.

*screaming into a pillow*

:) vicki

loved it, loved it, loved it. You've delurked me.

Shannon - Jude wasn't there. BECAUSE HE'S AT YOUR HOUSE.

Vicki - Funny you should as that. I was kind of low going in to dinner (hovering around 70 mg/dl) so I though I'd start eating and bolus for the meal about 30 minutes in. Stupid Kerri. I completely forgot to bolus at all and we sat there for two hours. It wasn't until we were checking out some stores and I realized I had ridiculous sweaters on my teeth (my high b/s symptom). Checked - 350 mg/dl. What a moron. Half a pizza and a bottle of wine and NO INSULIN.

On the flip side, I definitely wasn't low anymore.

Jenn - The Wax Museum was that perfect blend of creepy and tremendous. Come visit us! We'll vaccuum the cats directly, if it helps.

We offer up the couch in the extra bedroom, because that's where it is trapped for all eternity.

LOL! Great pics! Looks like you had a great time :)

Thanks for the chuckle. *still giggling here* ....

Oh, Kerri, that was too cute!!

The pictures are a hoot. Sounds like a great Sunday afternoon.

Kerri, how awesome! BTW, you seem most in your element with Robin. Is there something we should know?


Love your pun.


Jamie, Penny & Terrilynn, It was fun. I recommend this tourist trap for everyone. We had a ball!

Johnboy - Robin is from my home planet. :)

You should be beaten with a wet noodle for that pun.

I don't think Bono ever had that much hair, but Robin is certainly making eyes at you.

I went to the Madame Toussaud's in London. They had a very cool chamber of horrors there, including Jean-Paul Marat, who was murdered in his bathtub.

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